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The Cat Craze

If you enjoy trolling the internet as I do then you will be well aware of the human population’s fascination with cats.  I should premise this post with the statement that I myself am a cat lady.  I have a cat at my mother’s home and a cat here in Austin with my roommate.  They are lovable, cute, and fun but what makes them internet gold is their human like qualities and mannerisms.

A cat’s animals ability to give you the same look your mother does when she’s disappointed in you, the same lounging position you get go into when you’re watching Gossip girl on Netflix, that exact same feeling of a long day of work and the collapse that follows.

The cat species just gets me, they get all of us.  They represent the version of ourselves that doesn’t care what others think, that doesn’t try to put an outfit together, that will treat others however they please.  Their freedom is an envious quality.  That is certainly something the internet can cling to and has.

From a many a memes, to gifs, to famous kitties, cats are winning the internet.  Grumpy the cat took the web by storm just with her special face.  The business cat meme has so many versions Im not sure I could ever see them all.  The cat is the ruler of all things internet.  Found a picture of a celebrity with a cat? GOLD. Put a picture of your cat on Instagram using the Amaro filter? 100 likes.

So if in the future you think to yourself, “I want to be internet famous” , just remember this one thing, include cats. Meow.


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