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Old School Madonna is the Best Madonna

I love Madonna.  Absolutely adore her, idolize her, cherish her music.  But I should also mention that I’m talking about classic Lady M.  From the 80s into the late 90s and not beyond.  Watching old interviews of her after her first album debuted, I cant see how that person became what she is today.  Old school Madonna was about expression, acceptance, and being real.

Present day Madonna claims to still represent those things and yet lives a life of luxury in a way that isolates her from her fans.  She used to have this smile that was so honest and now her public image seems contrived and commercialized.  No longer a person but only a product of the business.

All that aside, I want to celebrate her music from the early days and the impact she made on the music world.  When Madonna’s self titled debut album came out it was a dance revolution.  She sang of growing up and having fun.  Her soprano voice and rebel style made her an instant star.

When her second album, “Like A Virgin” hit stores we saw our first glimpse into the raw nature of Madonna.  Her no fear and no apologies attitude towards singing about sex and lust and love made the album one that would not soon be forgotten.

Her songs are easy to dance to but their messages of acceptance and expression are what make them so wonderful.  When you listen to “Like a Prayer” you can’t help but feel the weight of the world just shake right off of you.  The song “Vogue” tells you to embrace the inner glamour.  Every famed person she mentions in the song is someone who overcame hardships and who inspires us, her point is that you can be that light for yourself.

If you have a little time over the Holiday break, my suggestion to you is that you watch the 1991 documentary “Truth or Dare” which followed the singer on her world tour.  Its a great insight into where MAdonna came from, what she was like in her early days and an homage to the woman I love.


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