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When someone flatters you, its a warming feeling.  Just to know you are noticed, what a joy.  Having someone ask to take your picture is the peak of physical flattery.  At least from my point of view it is.  So when I was out with my close friends about a month ago and a photographer approached me to take my picture, I couldn’t help but feel confident.  For the rest of the night I felt like my outfit was stellar, my hair was looking good, my make-up was polished and that I was someone worth looking at. Then, when the photos showed up on Facebook, to my elation, I was on the cover of the album.

The photographer that gave me this boost was a well known Austin nightlife photographer who goes by TheBarBat.  Real name, Brandon Scott, TheBarBat gives nightlife photography a good name.  When other nightlife shutterbugs are a joke and don’t have a true artist’s eye, Scott uses a creative technique to capture the moments.  He has his regular, weekly events, mostly on the East side at places like Barbarella, The Eastern, and Dirty Bills but also has been working on his own personal projects for just as long.

He can make anyone look gorgeous.  His style captures the epitome of a night out.  Losing yourself on the dance-floor, engaging in a conversation with a stranger, a night out with friends and booze.  He gets it all.

TheBarBat makes myself and my friends feel cool, hip, young again.  He captures us in our best moments while other pictures of us on Social Media may light us in less attractive ways.

So thank you Brandon, thank you so much for tricking people into thinking Im a cool cat.


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