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Victoria Secret Fashion Show… Why?

I don’t have cable.  There are times when that is saddening and I feel out of the loop, but other times, I am grateful that there are certain TV programs I will be able to avoid for good.  No chance of accidentally flipping the channel and landing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and getting sucked into a vortex of stupidity.

Another television program that has me thanking my small paycheck and insufficient funds that I can’t afford cable is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  For Gods sake ladies, put some layers on, its December.  The whole event is over the top and eye-roll inducing.  It is fundamentally one big product placement, and yet most of the lingerie you see on the runway isn’t actually sold in stores.  From the large wings, the diamond bra, and the kiss blowing, this spectacle is a no go for me.

This year’s joke of a show featured the usual lip-syncing performances, the glitter drowned runway, the models with that “naturally” wavy hair and tanned skin but it also featured offensive lingerie.  Although edited out before it aired due to backlash, in the calendar portion of the show, Miss November wore an indian headdress and Navajo themed panties.  Ah yes, America.  how did Victoria Secret not think Native Americans would be offended?  The headdress she is wearing is meant for the Chief of a tribe, an immense honor and tradition and here she is just parading it around as fashion trend with little else to complete the outfit.

These women don’t represent America, they only represent the fantasy of the 13-year-old boys across the Nation watching.  Their ribs are showing, I literally cannot find an once of fat on their bodies which leads me to believe they’ve got to be freezing.  Chances are little girls or young teens are watching this and thinking, ” I want to be that skinny” or “I want to do that someday”.  No thanks.


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