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Teen Sex on TV

Your first time is never what you thought it would be.  The first time a person has sex might not be when they are of legal age, it may not be with someone they love, and they may regret it.  Im not saying teen sex doesn’t happen, of course it does but there are teen dramas on TV now that highly glamorize sex.

Television shows like Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries feature teen characters who fool around.  A major problem with this is that their plots are always either that the two people are madly in love and their sex life confuses nothing or that sex means nothing to teenagers and is super casual.  The heightened emotions of a teen would suggest that sex could not be casual and even love as teen can be confusing.

Another show that has included a hefty amount of teen sex and sexual content is The secret Circle.  This show has one character, a bad boy, living alone in a house where his teen sex partner has a key to.  She reforms him and turns him into the perfect boyfriend.  To all the little tweens watching at home: this doesn’t happen in the real world of sanity.

You will have noticed by now that each show I have mentioned airs on The CW.  If you didn’t notice, will then Im telling you now. The network is constantly pushing the envelope of what is appropriate and what isn’t.  The shows on the network are targeted towards teens and although the actors on the shows play teens, they are adults.  This misleads teenagers about the truths of sex and growing up.

If you are not convinced that there is a pattern on The CW  and its highly sexual shows then take a peek at this video. It takes a show that is most definitely not on The CW and puts the network’s spin on things.  This edition: Game of Thrones.

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