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The Women, They Rock

I live for the sound of a great song.  The first time you hear a tune and feel that instant tingle of joy from the beat to the instrument to the voices.  That very feeling is a source of pure utopia for me and I assume for many others.

The sound a female vocalist is especially heavenly.  The female presence in indie and alternative music is extraordinary and inspiring.  Im not talking about Britney Spears or Rihanna, Im talking pure artists with songs and vocals that cut right to your core.  Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” still sends shivers down my entire body, and she wrote that when she was only seventeen.  I connect with their subject matter, their pain, their happiness.  They are women who lived lives similar to mine at this stage.  Never the popular girls, most of them were and still are the weird kids and I love them for all their oddities.

the quality of their voices and the stories behind their songs are uniquely gorgeous. Artists like St. Vincent and Regina Spektor have sounds that are strange, beautiful, and sad all in one melody.


Other female artists are joining together and making chill, infectious, and badass music.  Bands like Vivian Girls and Dum Dum Girls have a sound that infuses California cool with the female rage and angst.  They’re the kind of girls you wish you were but also the kinds you would never cross.

The women of indie music are my idols, women who aren’t afraid and if they are they put it into a song.  Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast wrote an entire album about her broken heart.  That album struck my heart, every song seemed to tap into some emotion or experience I had been through.

The same can be said for artist Feist.  Hailing from Canada, her etherial voice and honest lyrics are why she has been so successful for so long.  She writes simple songs with melodies of joy and words of pure happiness.

All these ladies give me glee on nice days, comfort in sad ones, and hope for future days.  I can see with 100 percent confidence that I love women.  I love our spirit, I love our perspectives, and I love that we can love and celebrate each other and our share experiences.


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