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Im not really a sitcom person, the laugh tracks, the campy plots, they don’t really draw me in.  However, the ABC comedy  Suburgatory is a gem among rocks.  The show centers on a teen girl whose single dad has relocated them from New York City to the outside suburbs.  Two worlds that clearly do not mesh.  The show is funny, I mean really funny.  With supporting roles played by Chris Parnell of SNL fame and Cheryl Hines of Curb Your enthusiasm the talent is deep. The young talent featured in the show is outstanding as well.  Jane Levy who plays the main character, Tessa, perfectly portrays the characters struggle adjusting to suburban life with just the right comedic timing.

But the real star of the show in my humble opinion is Allie Grant who plays Tessa’s best friend Lisa.  Her character cannot even be described in words.  Her skills are a force of nature, and far beyond her years.  Her sass and general rage towards other characters is something I strive towards.

So rather then me say, “tune in guys, this show is awesome” just give it a chance, because you will giggle, you will.


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