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My white legs, that part of my stomach that just points outward a bit too much, my teeth.  This is a list of my physical insecurities.  I have no problem revealing my insecurities to the world of blogging because honestly you could be Gisele and you would still find something wrong with your appearance. Its just human nature for us to find flaws in ourselves.

A friend of mine recently finished a photo project in which she shot profiles of people’s insecurities.  They were simple, with neutral background and pure lighting.  Each person revealed their insecurity for the camera and allowed themselves to embrace themselves, flaws and all.  The artist’s goal was to open a conversation up about the universality of our flaws.  The things I don’t like about myself may seem personal to me but they are things that many others probably have trouble with as well.  Being pale isn’t specific to me, there are others whom the sun hates.  Having an issue with your stomach is certainly a common insecurity and yet we all still try to hide these things about ourselves.

The most confident people are those who look at their insecurities and see them as parts of themselves that make them a snowflake, unlike any other human.  I hate using the phrase, “this generation” but its necessary here to make my point, and that is that my peers and I seem more then any other generation before us to be accepting of our different and maybe flawed traits.

So Millennials, I commend you and your pudgy belly.


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