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Ain’t it Jay?

Im in a full blown hip-hop phase, and I don’t think it will ever end.  I’ve moved past the education portion of the phase and dived right into the never stop listening section.  But let it be known that hip-hop is not new to me, its been in my life to some degree ever since I can remember.  One artist who has been on the charts in all that time is Jay Z.  His music and reputation have evolved as trends and music change and yet he stays on top.

His music isn’t the only thing that keeps him in the spotlight though.  His marriage to superstar Beyonce and his successful business endeavors make him a king among stars.  So many artists want to work with him and those who do most likely reach stardom themselves.  Those who work with Jay Kanye West to J. Cole, from Kanye West to J. Cole and now Rita Ora all seem to achieve superstar levels.

With all his power and fame you would think he might be conceded or egotistical but on the contrary, Jay Z has never lost sight of his New York roots.


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