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The Fashionable Man

They’re pretty.  They look like a delicate flower. They where tailored clothing. So who are they? They are the male model.  Think of them as Ken dolls who went on a bit of a diet.  On the runway they wear heightened versions of fashion, thats really the point of high fashion. The general male population seems to be catching onto their best looks and pieces.

shows like Mad Men highlight how beautifully and suave men dressed in decades past. However, fashion is ever-changing and in more recent years it has felt like personal style has taken a lazy turn.  Now though, the trend of men dressing in tailored suits and sleek looks is back and I could not be more happy.  Their fitted dark jeans slightly cuffed, perfectly tailored button ups, chukka boots, and unique ties drive me crazy, in a good way.  Men are really starting to pull themselves together, making any woman look twice, three times, or more.

Male fashion blogs, clothing companies, and brands are paying attention to the trends and producing looks that the men will love.  Companies like Urbane Menswear, which resides right here in Austin, TX has tapped into the stylish man trend and is making clothing that is refined and classic.

As a woman who would love to have a male counterpart who complemented my personality and style I commend this trend.  Just look around the St. Edward’s campus or the city and you are sure to find plenty of sharp dressed me.

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