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Writing what you love

When a person decides they are ready to delve into the chaotic world that is entertainment journalism they make ask for advice.  Its like when I decided I wanted to take photography courses and I asked my best friend, a photo-communications major what class I should take, who I should take them with, and what to expect.  These same questions should be asked about writing entertainment pieces.

But just in case you don’t ask all the right questions I am here to give you one crucial tip.  That is, write about what interests you.  If you love reality television then delve into that hobby and turn it into a journalistic journey.  If you find yourself fascinated by history as the radio journalist Ira Glass is, then write about history as much as you can, and from a new and fresh perspective.

Journalists like Melissa Block of NPR and Garrison Keillor host of A Prairie Home Companion have been doing what they are doing for so long not only because they are good at it but also because they love it.  If one was uninterested in a topic then they couldn’t cover stories about it for long or with much style.  Your personal style as an entertainment journalist and a writer have to come from you and I find that if you are covering a subject you have great interest in, your writing will speak true to who you are.

Write because you love to write and find a topic that will fulfill who you are as an entertainment journalist.  Entertainment doesn’t have to fit into some perfectly packaged definition, what is entertainment to me may not be to someone else, but find your niche and you are sure to also find your audience.


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