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Why I am surviving without cable

I used to watch around 15 different TV shows.  I was constantly trying to stay up to date on all of the episodes and their confusing plots.  These days I only watch about 5 shows and pretty inconsistently at that.  I used to think that if I got behind in a show, I would be way too out of the loop but I have found that not spending so much of my time consumed with characters lives has allowed me to have my own.

In the last year without cable, I have been able to do so much more then before.  Im going to more concerts, art shows, new bars, new restaurants,  friendships have grown deeper, and overall I have to say I don’t really miss cable.  Yes, it was sad not to be able to watch the Summer Olympics but instead I got to experience summer sun and fun.

I find myself branching out more and more and finding out things about myself that I may have never known if I didn’t go out more into this city that has so much to offer me.


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