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What is dating at 21?

Unless you are one of my friends that is in a long and committed relationship whom I hate, then you are probably in the same boat as myself.  The boat of single life and constantly wondering, “Did he lose his phone?”

Im at an age where Im entering true adulthood and yet still clinging to my slipping childhood.  Delving into the dating world in this state of mind is a bit confusing.  I want to meet someone who I can have real feelings for but at the same time I want to have fun.  The Austin single scene is a scary and dark place and outsiders should tread lightly.

When I first moved to the city four years ago I was naive and stupid.  Thats not harsh its just true, I thought guys were genuinely nice.  I laugh and cry at who I was then. I soon realized that dating in a city like Austin, filled with “cool” people trying to make sure people knew they were “cool” is anything but genuine.  People are so consumed with being seen, and maintaining a image they’ve created that they often don’t allow themselves to engage in real relationships.

The last few guys I’ve dated seemed great and I was super into them but with each of them our whole “relationship” happened at bars on the east side, and secret art shows they heard about through that one friend.  It all felt contrived and staged.  It was like, “Where is everyone going to be tonight?” .. “Who’s gonna be there?” These relationships, if you can call them that, soon ran their course because they were never given the opportunity to be anything more.

Cities can be great places to come into your own and grow up.  It is also said that they are a great place for young singles to meet, but they never say its a great place for young singles to meet but just casually date a little and then awkwardly run into each other every weekend.

I love Austin, I really do, but I find myself yearning for a nice midwestern boy from back home who will get to know me and take me on dates where people may not be buzzing about it being a hot spot.  Anyways, I digress times a million.


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