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Turning 21 makes you less productive

It is a proven fact that in the time since I turned 21 I have had a much more difficult time getting anything done.  Its not because Im going out all the time and drinking, its because I can go out at anytime and drink.  I realize this sounds semi-alcholohic but just knowing that there is a whole new part of life that I can experience that includes new places and people makes it hard to focus on things you did before.  Its like when you get a new toy and you can’t believe you lived before you had it.

Being 21 opens this world that wasn’t there for you before and you want to experience it, but that also means that other parts of your life may go by the wayside.  “Lets go get margaritas!” But, I have this paper. but that sounds good.  We all know what choice you make.

After a while you calm down a little, your school and work productivity levels rise again but that world is always calling your name.


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