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This American Life

I would just like to briefly discuss my absolute and pure love for the NPR program, “This American Life“.  It is a wonderful radio and podcast program that explores untold stories about this diverse and rich nation we live in.  They explore historical tales never mentioned in history books, stories of the character of the American people, and anything in between.

Reporter and narrator Ira Glass so enthusiastically dives into each story.  He makes you feel as though you are experiencing something new, fresh, and innovative every single week.

This American Life may not cover today’s headlines and the chaos of our current state, but each story teaches you something about the places you live in, the people that surround you, and the experiences we all go through.  With each podcast episode I listen to I learn something that changes my perspective on the world I live in.

I recently listened to an episode in which Glass covered an event that had gone almost unnoticed in history textbooks.  It was about The Dakota War in Minnesota in the 1860s.  It exemplified what the program is all about, which is that id teaches the listeners about how our country, our ideals, and our American Lives were all shaped and molded.


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