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Royal Baby

About a year and a half ago the world watched as Prince Charming, I mean William and his beautiful lady Kate Middleton wed at Westminster Abbey.  It was a happy occasion for all of UK and the world.  When there is always so much death and sadness that plagues the news it was just the lift we all needed.  It also gave us a real life fairytale.  The Prince and Kate, a “commoner”, met while attending university together in Scotland at St. Andrew’s.

The world watched as their friendship grew to love, then watched as they split and then reconciled.  Ultimately their ups and downs were rewarded with happiness in the form of a gorgeous wedding and whimsical love story.

The world has not taken their eyes off the couple after the wedding either.  From the time they said “I do” everyone wondered when their family would  begin to grow.  Like any female celebrity, The new Duchess was constantly on the baby watch.  If she had a big lunch the papers would be sent into a tizzy.

Finally though, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the world’s real Cinderella and Prince Charming are expecting their first child and everyone has something positive to look for in the news again.



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