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I guess I like GIRLS now?

When the HBO show GIRLS first aired it was met with praise and criticism as any racy or controversial show always is.  I must admit, I was on the side of criticism.  The show’s hype made it seem like it was going to be a show that portrayed 21st century girls and young women as real as possible.  I was greatly disappointed by episode two.  I found its content and set up to be unrealistic and whimsical as any other fantasy life show.

The girls lived in beautiful New York apartments, somehow always managed to pay their rent even without a job, and were able to have a love interest in every episode.  I gave up on the show while everyone continued to buzz about it whether that buzz be good or bad.

But now, after watching 10 episodes, as a result of sheer procrastination, I find myself understanding the show and dare I say relating to some of its plot.  I still think the characters are selfish and crazy, but their are moments of vulnerability are the moments I cling to and the reason I keep watching.

Each character has something different to offer, and while it is unclear why they are friends sometimes, you also see that their flaws are what brings them closer.  One character is a sheltered virgin, another is a free spirited bohemian creature, another a pulled together woman with a boyfriend she does not love, and then there is Lena Dunham (the creator and writer of the show) who plays a snarky and slightly unsure of herself writer struggling in the city.  Sounds cliche right? I know.

However I’ve latched onto the witty humor like I did with Gilmore Girls, and maybe its because I inch closer and closer to a life in shambles after graduation but I’ve started to relate more and more to the mess of life each character is going through.

Season two starts in January, and although I don’t have the luxury of HBO, I have friends who owe me favors… Im calling in for an HBO GO password.


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