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I work in retail, or as I like to call it, my personal realm of hell.  I hate physically going shopping, looking at hangers, and getting dressing room hair.  It is the worst.  When Im at work I feel materialistic and way too girly, Its like I don’t even know myself, and when I leave my place of employment, I immediately like to do something that makes me feel human again.

That being said, I still like to shop, only, I enjoy the kind of shopping where I don’t have to leave my apartment.  Online shopping is dangerous and addicting like a gambling problem.  The options are endless, the pages go on forever, and your bank account dwindles.  Its not until you look at your “shopping cart” that you realize the severity of what you’ve just done.

One of the sites I find myself on all the time, and where a lot of my extra money goes is Etsy.  The site is a place where small boutiques and sellers can conduct their business.  Its convenient for the shopper because every cute thing you could ever want or need is there.  Plus theres stuff there that you didn’t know you needed but now you can never live without it. YOU MUST HAVE IT.

I love Etsy because I can find so many varieties of vintage, handmade, and unique jewelry and clothing all in one place.  Its also the perfect place to get Christmas gifts, you can find awesome presents for next to no cost. It truly is a Christmas miracle.

I would like to say Im not materialistic, and while for the most part it is true, when it comes to online shopping capitalist America has found my kryptonite.


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