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Black Friday Hell

I have finally recovered from the pandora’s Box that is Black Friday.  As I have said before, I hate shopping, however this one day of the year is the exception.  I can’t help but be part of the hype and while I don’t get as insane as some people, I still participate.

This year I did not sleep on thanksgiving and instead dived right into the sale shopping day.  Target decided to open their doors at 9PM on Thanksgiving day this year.  i arrived at around 10:30 to a very picked over store and yet it wasn’t as crazy as it could have been.  I was on a mission for cheap movies and TV seasons.  I was successful in my first stop, I got Downtown Abbey season 1 and 2 for $13 and The Sean Connery James Bond Collection for $6.  I moved in and out of the store as fast I could because no matter where you go on Black Friday there are crazies who have been prepping for this day for weeks and Im not about to quarrel with them.

My next store, Urban Outfitters, wasn’t opening its doors until 5AM and yet by the time I got home I couldn’t get to sleep, so at 4:30AM my friends swooped me up and we drove to the 2nd street store.  Surprisingly there was only a small crowd and we got in right away.  I came away from this venture with a new pair of jeans, two shirts, and a Backpack for around $60.  It was successful and as I watched the sun come up I just thought to myself, “Im so tired.”


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