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An ode to Claire Danes’ cry face

Around this time every year I find myself falling into Christmas break habits even when there is still work to be done.  I become burnt out and lazy and begin to watch new shows that send me into a marathon of season catch ups.  Sometimes I don’t even leave my bed, I just sit there for hours upon hours and all of a sudden I’ve watched a whole season of a TV  show.

One such instance is with the show Homeland starring the ever talented Claire Danes.  The last show I watched with Danes was “My So Called Life” in which she played an angst filled 90s teen.  That show had a great impact on not only my fashion sense but my general cynical outlook on the world.

The character Danes plays on the politically driven drama is a far cry from My So Called Life’s Angela Chase.  Chase was a character going through very real emotions of a teen girl, while Danes’ new character, Carrie Mathison, is a aggressively driven CIA agent with more baggage then would fit on a commercial plane.

But the best part of any character that Claire Danes takes on? Her facial expression when she tears up.  It is priceless, it is beautiful, it. is. GENIUS.  Some actors have a simple and pretty cry face, not Danes.  Her face scrunches up and then explodes with emotion, tears, and snot.  There is an entire site dedicated the the cry craft that Danes has perfectly refined over the years.

From her take as Juliet in the modern Romeo+Juliet, to her award winning performance as Temple Grandin the cry face is a main staple in the talent that is Claire Danes.

If the drama, critical acclaim, and thickening plot are not enough to get you to watch Homeland, then let this display of raw emotion motivate you to tune in.


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