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My dear friends Jen and Gerald have decided to venture into a blog together. Gerald will be writing about his blossoming watch hobby. He shares new pieces of information, new drawings, and insight into a little talked about subject. While Jen, a recent college graduate mixes her skills as a writer with the witty perspective a undergrad graduate. Here is a piece Jen wrote on her thoughts behind the blog. Enjoy.


I guess it would have been helpful for me to consider exactly what constitutes an interaction before I started this project. The obvious answer would be face-to-face exchange with another person. According to some dictionary interaction simply means, “reciprocal action or influence.” So interaction covers pretty much any experience in which the individual is an active participant and is somehow affected by the experience. I’m happy to adopt a broad definition of the word because now I can talk about finding a bunch of weird shit in my closet and how that made me feel. 

I’ve been at my parents house for a few days now, celebrating Thanksgiving and being frivolous. Since coming home, I’ve been revisiting my my hoards of letters, photographs, writings, scraps of paper, drawings, etc. 

I’ve found a post card that I wrote my friend when I was 7, which was never mailed; a stack of brochures…

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