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Thank You Jenny Johnson

People can say they are tired of hearing about the drama that is Rihanna and Chris Brown but the truth is, I won’t stop addressing it until Brown gives a sincere apology and his fans realize they need to stop defending him.  No matter their celebrity status, Brown beat up his girlfriend, didn’t go to jail, and his behavior and unapologetic attitude have only gotten worse.

After the incident, Brown published an apology video that felt scripted and contrived.  For years he was seen as the golden boy of R&B and now he seems to have adopted a mentality of violence and rage.

Im bringing this up now because in the last few days, former comedy writer Jenny Johnson, who has repeatedly called Brown out was caught in a twitter war of words with the man himself that resulted in Brown deactivating his account.

Johnson called out the singer for never owning up to his actions fully and for setting a bad example.  Brown’s responses were childish and demeaning and yet his fans, known as “Team Breezy” made death threats towards Johnson.

Johnson has time and time again stood up against Chris Brown and I would just like to thank her because she brought out that part of Brown that so publicly shows we shouldn’t forgive him if he is unwilling to admit his mistakes.


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