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My favorite Alamo Drafthouse Experience

Alamo Drafthouse is known for their bizarre but awesome film events and this Halloween season is no different.  I went to see a special screening of one of the best if not the best horror films of all time, Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”.  I arrived and was devastated but not entirely surprised to learn that the show was sold out.  Little did I know that I had made a smart choice in my movie companion.

“What about the balcony seats?” My dear friend, who I am now eternally grateful to, asked.  If you have ever find yourself at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz location and in theatre number one, then I suggest you pay the extra money for the reclining chairs in the private balcony, its completely worth it.

The classic film surrounds the Torrance family who become the caretakers of a hotel during its winter off-season.  Completely isolated, the seemingly normal family starts to fall apart.  The father played by Jack Nicholson has a psychotic break, the mother played by Shelley Duvall tries to keep it together and their small son played by Danny Lloyd has psychic visions of horrible events from the hotel’s past and his very near future.

Once seated, the theatre fell silent as the ominous music score began.  The movie was projected in its original form of 35-millimeter film and the theatre shock as those famous bloody elevator doors opened.

“The Shining” is one of those movies that will never go out of style.  Its cinematic genius is unparalleled and it is the perfect mix between down right scary and stunning imagery.  There are so many memorable parts to this flick, from the creepy twins to “Heeere’s Johnny!”  Seeing this film on the big screen makes it ten times more horrifying and yet makes it that much more enjoyable.

At the screening, Red Rum cocktails were served and people (especially frightened self) curled up to the one next to them but never took their eyes off the screen.  The movie at its core is a horror film but I think college students currently held up in the library experiencing cabin fever should take note of its theme.  All work and no play create psychotic breakdowns or just makes Jack a dull boy.  Either way this is a movie that no one should go without seeing and Halloween is the perfect time to watch.

Alamo Drafthouse will have more Halloween themed events coming up.  They have a quote-along to the movie “Shaun of the Dead” on Wednesday Oct. 19 as well as a Saturday screening of the original “Halloween”.


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