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Earth Week 2011: A look back

“I’m going green!” That may be what the university is saying as students on campus celebrate Earth Week from April 14 through the 20. Students from different organizations on campus are telling you, their fellow St. Edward’s students, why being a more environmentally aware citizen is beneficial to the school’s growth and to students lives.

Freshman student, Natalie Shea, who is a member of Students for Sustainability wants more students on campus to be aware of not only the organization but also what it is doing for the school.

“We’re working on new projects like the Green Fund, to try and get the ball rolling on things like solar panels on campus and to raise awareness about our on-campus garden,” said Shea.

All different organizations and companies from both the university and the city came together for the week surrounding earth day to inform and engage students in a variety of activities, lectures, and films regarding the environment and what we can do to make a change for the better.

The company Round 2 Recycling has been working with the school to help them get rid of old electronics in an environmentally conscious and safe way.  As technology changes and the school continues to work towards growth and development, this company has been able to help the University continue that growth in a “green” way.

On campus groups like Students for Sustainability, Residents Life, and the School of Natural Sciences led activities like a bike maintenance workshop by Tsunami Cycling and a recycled clothing fashion contest to promote easy and fun ways to be environmentally friendly and smart.

Senior, Kadence Hampton, led the bike workshop and emphasized how easy it is for students to ride their bikes around the school as well as to and from school.  After her workshop she led a group ride to the South Congress trailer park eatery.

The St. Edward’s Bookstore made sure that students were aware that they could find eco-friendly and sustainable products conveniently located on campus.  Julia Sonora, a bookstore coordinator, showed students there are already many products they use that are made from recycled materials.  For example, the green test books most students use are made from recycled materials.

“We have a lot of products in the store that students may not realize come from recycled material,” said Sonora.

During the week, the event also features documentaries and films that showcase and educate students on different aspects of the environmental movement.  One film being shown called “No Impact Man”, is about a New York based journalist who decided to go completely “green” for an entire year and chronicled the whole thing on film.  What resulted were a hilarious mixture of learning and the frustrations of going green everyday.


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