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Being Relevant

If you are not up to date on the most recent internet crazes and phrases then you mean nothing to the world of relevance and coolness.  I know it sounds harsh but in this media driven era if you do not know the latest trend word you will be out of the social loop.  If you do not understand the joke you can forget about being invited out with the clique.  You must be funny, witty, and clever in 140 characters or nobody will know you are hilarious.

Being culturally relevant seems to be more important now then ever before.  Are you wearing the right look? Because it may end up on a fashion blog.  Are you listening to that new album by that one band? Because someone is going to ask you about what you thought.  Why aren’t you laughing at our joke about cats and pizza? Did you not see that meme?

Suddenly you find yourself outside the realm of relevance and in the space of obscurity and extraneous living. Don’t be that person and don’t get stuck in the social media purgatory where you are always two trend words behind.  Where you’re saying “YOLO” while everyone else has moved onto H8r and Ratchet.  You may be thinking, “what does it all mean? why does it matter?” The answer is unknown, and it probably doesn’t actually matter int he grand scheme of things, but for now you have to suck it up and find a way back into relevance or risk online leprosy, something you cannot turn back from.

So study up, embrace your inner online troll and become the internet king or queen you were born to be.  And if you don’t know what a troll is then we’ve already lost you.


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