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Aidy Bryant

When Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg made their departures from Saturday NIght Live this past season, many were left wondering if their talent and popularity could be replaced.  While their comedic identities and styles can never be matched, the show, now in its 38th season has added a few new features that give hope to fans of the long running show.

One such feature is Aidy Bryant, who comes from Chicago’s Second City, which also housed SNL greats like Gilda Radner, Tina Fey, and Dan Aykroyd.  Bryant’s quirky and adorable comedic style is infectious and relatable for awkward girls everywhere.

As a feature on SNL she has already made a great impact on viewers.  Her dead on impression of Election Debate commentator Candy Crowley was well received and her original skits are garnering praise and laughs as well.

Bryant is one of those comedians that make you wonder why people are still debating on whether or not women are funny.  The answer is yes. Bryant proves that point in every episode she is in.  She makes even her craziest characters feel relatable to the viewers. Bryant stands out among the features and the cast as a tremendous addition to the iconic show and one that I hope sticks around for a while.


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