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colored hair

We all have certain physical attributes that we favor and consider to be an integral part of our personalities. For many women, including myself, our hair is one of those features.  For instance, two years ago when I decided to get bangs it seemed like a huge shift in who I was and yet somehow now they seem such a part of my identity.  Still, for others a simple haircut isn’t enough of a change or statement.

One of the trends people are using to set themselves apart are unnatural hair colors.  This style trend is everywhere and if you haven’t noticed it, then you haven’t been out of your house in a while and probably have developed scurvy.  Women and men are growing more adventurous in their hair style from hot pink to turquoise, the v=bright hair cannot be missed.

Celebrities are getting in on the look as well.  Singer Grimes’ hair for a period of time was hot pink, and Rihanna’s was Ronald McDonald red.

The style is also a main staple in the seapunk movement.  Seapunk is an internet art movement and style.  They wear surf wear mixed with “hipster” pieces and typically have dyed green or blue hair.

This fad has also spurred new businesses like hair salons that cater to the artificial hair colors and styles.  BLEACH a salon in London is one of the most famous and their work includes hot pink hearts in hair, colored tips, two-toned hair, and colored bang weaves.


While some may not be courageous enough to dye all their hair, I am true believer in taking a risk or two when it comes to your look.  Hell, I even had blue hair at one pint, live a little.


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