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Everyone is having a 90s Party

Over the course of time, people of one decade or era have looked back on the past and said, “That was the golden era”.  The whole premise of the film “Midnight in Paris” is based on this idea, that we have a sense of nostalgia for what used to be and wish we lived in a different time and way.

People of 2012 are no different, especially 18-23ish year olds who look back on the 1990s and think, “Why isn’t it like that anymore?”  I will confess that I have fallen prey to this way of thinking.  The 90s were a glorious time for the weird and different, Bill Clinton was president, flannel was chic, and the music kept you dancing.

Now the kids born in the 90s are striving to experience those fabulous years like the teens and young adults of the time did.  How are they doing this you may ask, by having a 90s theme party obviously.  I’ve overheard at least three conversation this past week about people hosting and/or attending 90s parties. I myself have thrown a 90s party specific to the divas of the decade.  I went as Gwen Stefani circa No Doubt and my roommate took on the Tejano star Selena.

Someday future generations will look pack at our current decade and wish to go back, theme parties will be had that include hipster themed parties, and indie music playlists but for now we will all long for the groove is in the heart-flannel years.



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