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Emeralds on Lamar

Austin is one of those cities that can sometimes feel like a real community especially when it comes to the support local businesses get from residents.  People in this city make efforts to shop at locally owned businesses and invest in their futures.  I think maybe that’s a reason Austin is one of the few cities that was far less affected by the recession.

One of the businesses that is supported by the great people of Austin is Emeralds. For the past 30+ years, Emeralds on Lamar, a women’s clothing store has been consistently keeping customers coming back.  I have been working there for the last year and while any job is sometimes difficult, I see everyday why this business has lasted.  There are many stores that can offer a customer fun products, but Emeralds diverse mixture of clothing, novelties, home furnishing, and much much more makes it a place all demographics can find something in.  Working there, I see people of all ages, and all walks of life.  There are the regulars who the employees have all gotten to know, there are the newcomers, and there are the out of towners.  Every customer is overwhelmed by how much the store holds but my philosophy is that if you can’t find something you like at Emeralds, you should probably check to make sure you’re still alive.

The area around Emeralds has become more and more upscale and expensive as years go by but the store with flags and palm trees outside stays moderately priced and reasonable.  Every customer is greeted and attended to and the diverse mix of merchandise is met with a diverse group of all girl employees.  We all come from different backgrounds, interests, and styles and can each contribute different information to customers.

So if ever you find yourself on West 6th, stop in, be overwhelmed, and smile.. we will be.


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