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In my mind me and Bethany Cosentino are Besties

Sometimes you find a celebrity and you say to yourself, “We would totally be best friends.”  If you’re truthful with yourself, then you know that can never be, but most of us like to live in a semi-fantasy world where you could run into them and be BFFs.

For me that person is Bethany Cosentino, the lead singer of Best Coast and my goddess divine.  She was once in a band called Pocahaunted and that alone makes me love her. However her beautiful talent isn’t the only reason Im smitten. She also likes all the same strange and embarrassing things as I do and makes me feel cool for that.

First there is her love for all cats, but especially her cat, Snacks.  As a fellow cat enthusiast who is not afraid of telling the world she likes to cuddle with the furry creature, I respect and understand Cosentino’s constant posting of cat pictures on Twitter and instagram.  She is a public figure of the cat lover “movement” if you will.

I’ve been a constant fan of the music she and band-mate Bob have created but after I started following her on Twitter, I realized the many reasons why we would be great buds.  Her love of trashy television like ‘The Real Housewives’ and nostalgic treasures like Seinfeld have me picturing us having a marathon night with wine.

She also recently helped design a line of women’s clothing for Urban Outfitters, allowing me to feel as though we were fashion friends.  Her California style and attitude are alluring and exactly what you would look for your kindred spirit.

When I saw Best Coast here in Austin, the performance was everything I had hoped for and beyond.  While, I realize that I will never be her “Bestie” I also cling to the dream that someday we will sit on a couch with our cats, watch Elaine Benes be the funniest part of Seinfeld, and drink wine together.


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