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Thought Catalog gets me, Taylor Swift Does Not

There are many people out there who will tell you that Taylor Swift’s melodies and lyrics really “get them,” I however am not one of those people. In my opinion, she is a grown woman who refuses to stop singing about high school.  People take refuge in her lyrics and their “relatability”, they believe that she understands exactly what they are going through.  However, as a woman in her early twentys, I do not feel as though my life and my experiences fit hat Swift is singing about.  If they did, I would need to take a look at my life.

The path my life is traveling down is not necessarily a fairy tale or a tragic love story gone awry, rather it is without any real “love” life and is less then perfect.

When I need someone or rather something to tell me that what Im experiencing is normal and a part of life, I look to Thought Catalog. This is a website dedicated to letting you know that other people are in fact going through the same weirdness you are.  They are an online magazine of sorts that always readers to contribute their own material once it has been approved.  Thought Catalog has many times understood my life to a tee.  I read a story written by someone I have never and will never meet in my life and yet somehow they “get me” in a way that Taylor Swift could never.

Stories are written about the realities of a person’s young sex life, the harsh truths of being a 20-something, and the struggles of being an awkward person by nature.  Their potent and honest interpretation of what we all are going through is what makes this forum ions more relatable then a song about finding a prince charming.


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