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Why Halloween is the Best

Let’s talk about my love affair with candy. Kit-Kats, Milky Ways, Skittles.. Oh my. Now let’s address the beauty of receiving these delicious treats for free. I would like to introduce everyone to Halloween, the best holiday ever.

When I was little, this was my Super Bowl, my Christmas, my time to shine. Not a lot has changed since I was a child except the sad truth that according to society, I am too old to Trick-or-Treat. However, the thrill of putting a costume together, listening to ‘Monster Mash’, and watching Hocus Pocus has never left me.

Growing up I was never your run of the mill Disney princess, because that was so blase. That would be the equivalent of me wearing a “Sexy” costume today, it just does not work. The last few years, my costumes have been masterful, and all inspired by the 90s.

Daria and Jane

This Halloween marks my first as a legal, 21 years old, drinker. Marking this momentous occasion I will be partaking in some of the spooky events Austin has planned. This coming sunday, October 28th, join a group of hoodlum zombies (including myself) and for their third annual “You Have the Right to Remain Dead” zombie walk. Get your gore on and end the night at Beale Street Tavern on 6th for some zombie drinks, movies and a free music set by THUNDEROSA. They will also be giving away tickets to the upcoming Fun Fun Fun Fest.

The other Austin event I will be ghostly traveling to is Barbarella’s third annual “Swalloween” on Tuesday October 30th. Drinks, dancing, and a costume contest, you can’t miss this one.

So carve your pumpkin, eat all your candy way too quickly, and have a frightful time in the city this hallows eve.


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