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New Brohemia: Its for the ladies too

Growing up, my mom never taught me how to put on make-up or how to do my hair, or how to put an outfit together. I preferred playing outside and playing sports to playing dress up. But as I’ve gotten older, I have found myself more and more interested in fashion and the way I present myself. That said, I still have tomboy tendencies and I enjoy mixing trendy pieces with apparel thats a bit more tough.

My favorite place to embrace my boyish side is the vintage store New Brohemia. Here you can find old Harley Davidson t-shirts, cool factor jean jackets, flannel for days, and so much more. Located on South 1st next to End of an Ear record store, Brohemia is a moderately priced second hand store for the hipster man looking for that perfect outfit. But in my humble opinion it is also a perfect place for the Ladies of Austin.

Its close proximity to campus is dangerous to my bank account but completely worth it. Recently I purchased a James Dean-esque Levi’s jean jacket and now I wear it all too often, lean on walls, and look mysterious.

The employees are pleasant, cool, and helpful and if you’re like me, you’ll wish you were them. They work among the forgotten gems of apparel yesteryear and surely receive a splendid discount. If you ever have time to waste or find yourself in the market for some thrifty threads, mosey on over to New Brohemia.


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