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Chloe Moore

There are some college students who do the bare minimum and then graduate but thats not Chloe Moore. Moore is a senior communication major at St. Edward’s University whose always moving. She looks pulled together with fully done nails of pearl and pink, curly brown hair pulled back in a slick bun, and rectangle brimmed glasses over brown eyes.

” Im the executive cordinator for the on-campus Multicultural Board and Im always doing something but its so fun that it usually doesn’t even feel like work,” says Moore of her job.

Moore, 21, is originally from the Houston area but relocated to the capitol city to prove she could be independent. She grew up in a single parent family with her mother and her sister and says she wanted to get away a little so that she could really be her own person.

“My mom was really overprotective and I wanted to live on my own and I thought Austin would be the right place to do that,” says Moore of her move for college.

Moore may be a dedicated student and worker but that doesn’t mean she can’t let loose. Moore recently hit the birthday landmark of 21 and has taken advantage of the Austin bar scene.

“Im pretty basic when it comes to drinks, I don’t like beer but I tried a drink called the red high heel pretty recently. I haven’t really found my drink swag yet,” Moore says of her experiences out and about.

Moore is one of those people that you meet and instantly feel comfortable with. Her wide array of interests make you feel like you’ll always find common ground. From her late night ‘Golden Girl’ marathons to listening to artists like 2Chainz and Kendrick Lamar, Moore is a refreshing character. She may only be 21 but her maturity is well beyond her years.

“Im 21 years old but really Im like 32. I feel mature and Im just good with being who I am, with being Chloe.”


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