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Why I can’t deal with ACL

Hear me out Austinites, I love live music, I really do, but every year when the Austin City Limits Festival rolls into town I cringe a little, or a lot. To me, ACL is just one big traffic jam that is inevitable and pesky like a mosquito. It brings hoards of people into the city with their camelback bags, instagram accounts, and love for “indie” music. But to me it brings frat guys and their girlfriends who try to dress like hippies for the weekend.

Besides the large crowds of people who claim that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are an indie music group, there’s the fact that no matter what time of year the festival happens, it is always blazing hot and rains at least one of the days. I have very fair skin and there is no amount of SPF that could protect me for that long in the sun. Seeing a band I kind of like is not worth the pain of taking a shower with a sunburn.

I will confess that I have attended ACL in my lifetime and did not have a horrible time. However, as a resident of Austin, the influx of people who enter the city make it impossible to carry on a normal life for three whole days. Oh, you wanted to go to Barton Springs? nope. You need to get to work? you’re going to need to leave real early.

So this is my desperate plea to all ACL festival goers, please stay out of my way and let me live my life and I would prefer not to see your sunset photo of the festival on instagram. You’re buddy already posted the same picture.


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