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Alamo Drafthouse, I Love Thee

Every time a new movie comes out I want to go to the Drafthouse. Every time I think, “Golly gee I wish I could’ve seen that movie when it was in theaters!” there it is at the Drafthouse, in a special event, playing in 75mm film. They know me so well and I love them for that.

They are movie lovers who just want to make the experience of seeing a film that much better for others just like them. They have an electrifyingly enthusiasm for the work they do and the events they put on.

Their entire brand is something completely their own with an Austin touch to everything they do. From their very own bottle of ‘Princess Bride’ themed wine to their many signature events, my personal favorite being Girlie Night.

At each viewing you get beyond what the traditional theater can give you. Hungry for more than popcorn? No problem, the Drafthouse has a large menu of taste-bud pleasing food that will surely satisfy that craving for green chili mac and cheese that you’ve had, or something like that. Had a rough day at work and just need a drink? Alamo Drafthouse has your back buddy. Order a local beer or a fancy mixed drink like ‘The Dudes’ white russian if you’re feeling classy.

Every time I go to Alamo Drafthouse I just cannot help leaving with a ear to ear grin on my face. They make me feel like Im experiencing something that no one else gets to. So to you Drafthouse I say thank you and I love.


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