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What Happened to Hip Hop?

Lets talk about Lil’ Wayne. Actually lets not talk about him because it seems like lately he and other rappers and hip-hop artists have given up on being creative. There songs use riffs from other songs, their rhymes are lackluster and unoriginal and their performances are less rapping more lip-syncing.

A prime example of this decay was at this years MTV Video Music Awards, where Lil’ Wayne and rapper 2Chainz performed together and it was painfully obvious that Lil’ Wayne’s rhymes were pre-recorded.

The popular rap artists on the charts now all sound the same and those artists who are creative and innovative are staying under the radar to most listeners. Rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Death Grips have only recently started to get the recognition they deserve and even then they are still overshadowed by Wayne, Kanye, and Drake.

Every genre of music has its good and its bad, I just hope that Hip Hop’s bad starts to be taken over by its creative and fresh good. New artists are experimenting with what hip-hop sounds like and what it could sound like. The artists I can’t stop listening to are all about the infusion of hip-hop and other genres, something Lil’ Wayne has yet to do. No music should stay stoic and unchanged especially a branch of music so much built on creativity and new sounds.


One response to “What Happened to Hip Hop?

  1. I agree. I also think that popular hip-hop has too much of a dubstep/house music feel to it and it pisses me off. When I unfortunately have to listen to the radio I USED to put on the local hip-hop station because even though I didn’t know the song, hip-hop used to be good and fun music to listen to. Now when I turn on the hip-hop station all I hear is music that sounds like it is played at the gay bars. Why can’t hip-hop go back to the way it used to be? You don’t need those crappy dance tracks in the background, just good lyrics, a beat and a handful of instrumentals.

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