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Indie Music Surfaces

Sometimes you discover a band so unique and infectious that you want to share them with everyone you know, but then they start getting way too much radio play and all of sudden that beautiful riff that first attracted you is the most annoying sound you’ve ever heard.

Lately it seems that all of my indie favorites are going mainstream. I realize how pretentious that sounds but think about it, When you first heard “Pumped up kicks” by Foster The People, it was fresh and groovy but then it caught on and it played at least three times each hour and you were beyond over it. Then radio overkill struck again with Gotye’s “Somebody That I know” may it rest in peace.

Then there is the ultimate recognition of a song overstaying its welcome, the remixes. They come in swarms and they are the epitome of beating a dead horse. Just when you thought everyone is over a song and maybe we can all move on a remix drops and everyone jumps on that bandwagon. It is a never ending vicious cycle.

So here is my idea: let us keep our beautiful indie music to ourselves and only share it with those worthy enough because we don’t want another Mumford and Sons situation on our hands.


One response to “Indie Music Surfaces

  1. UGH. You are singing my song, girl.

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