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Emails From Barack

No matter who you eventually decide to vote for in the upcoming election, one thing is clear, They are courting you. Both Romney and Obama have been working visously to win the younger vote and much of that has been through the development and use of social media outlets and websites.

Over the course of the campaign I have been recieving personalized and down to earth emails from Barack, Michele, and Joe. Okay, so maybe they aren’t actually just for me but they keep me feeling like my particiaption in this election matters and that I’ve done some good. The messages are usually asking me for my support or thanking me for my time but also written in such a converstional manner, that I can’t help but think Obama is sitting at his desk, in the Oval Office, and typing me this elegant message.

Both Obama and Romney have launched websites, twitters, Facebook pages, and apps like instagram. Obama has over 1.4 million followers on instagram while Romney only has 37,000 followers. Just last week Obama launched an entire website dedicated to getting the youth of America involved in the election. Its timely release after Romney’s remarks about 47 percent of Americans launched shows just how much this election is being shaped by social media. The website’s slogan, “For All” also sends a strong message.

The entertainment world has also been taken over by politics. At both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, celebrities made memorable and much talked about speeches. There was Clint Eastwood’s now infamous speech to a chair and Kal Penn’s coverage of the DNC.

Celebrities create buzz for every presidential election. Whether it be P.Diddy’s “Vote or Die” campaign or the current videos swirling around by female celebrities addressing women’s issues in this election, Its important for the youth to pay attention to what is happening around them, which shoudln’t be hard with our phones attached to our hand.


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