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Gangnam Style Here in the Heart of Texas

Upon seeing the video for Gangnam style for the first time, it is clear to me that I still am not a fan of the song. The video is a cluster of scenes that don’t seem to fit together. The artist, Psy, dances around sillily, almost looking like he is riding a horse, while girls dressed in risque outfits including short shorts and low cut tops follow and dance with him. Psy is seen anywhere from a pool, a steam room, or a carousal singing and dancing the tune. Psy has said that the song and its accompanying dance are about having a good time and looking silly while doing it. He certainly reached that goal.

Psy is an artist from Seoul, South Korea. His song and its video are very in line with South Korean K-pop culture. K-Pop culture (Korean Pop Culture) and its music scene usually contain auto-tuned boy and girl groups but Psy is an individual who takes on the work of an entire K-Pop group all on his own. However, this style is something fairly new to Americans. That being said, it has become a hit in the States and all over the world. Psy has been promoting his music here in the U.S. on forums like ‘Ellen’, and the MTV Video Music Awards. The verdict is still out if he is here to stay or just another Youtube sensation.

The University of Texas’ take on the culture phenomenon highlights the tailgating traditions of the school. It also takes on different scenes and parts from the original video. Once again girls are shown in a somewhat derogatory manor, wearing little shorts and small t-shirts. The focus is again on a loud and vibrant singer. Throughout the video students are seen doing keg stands, poring beer on each other and giving the old Hook ’em Horns. There is also somewhat of a dance-off featured between the main character of the video and a cowboy. They also do the signature Gangnam Style dance and attempt the moves under water. Even Bevo, the school mascot, is involved in the spectacle as he dances around street poles and in portable bathrooms.


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