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Why I Will Never Truly Be An Adult

As a college aged student, I find myself walking that fine line between independent human being and never letting go of my mother. Sometimes I feel like a self-sufficient adult and other times I realize that without my parent’s help, I would not survive.

One of the reasons I will always be attached to my mom is through her Netflix account. Without that, I have little connection to the TV and movie world. I don’t have cable and most days I don’t have enough money to go see a movie and Netflix is my saving grace. It keeps me up to date with TV shows like Mad Men, Doctor Who, and How I met Your Mother. It also is a way for me to discover past shows like Dawson’s Creek, Twin Peaks, and The X-Files.

Our culture is engulfed in entertainment and many of our friendships and connections start with a conversation about a show were watching or a movie we just discovered. Without a grasp on popular culture many of us fall into the “I’m awkward and have nothing to add to the topic so I’m just going to stand here” category. It’s a dark place and no one likes being there which is why Netflix is an angel in the form of a website.

I am sure that someday my mother will tell me it is time to let go but for now I can stay in tune with the buzzing world of Hollywood for free. You know, because my mom still pays.


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