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The Emmys Are Getting It Wrong

The Emmy Awards were last night and once again most of the winners disappointed me, especially in the comedy categories. Every year the commercial and more mainstream comedies win. I’m not saying they’re not funny but Two and A Half Men isn’t exactly new and innovative in terms of its structure. Plus, it uses a laugh track. Just like Drama series and actors, comedy should be innovative, fresh and uniquely funny.

The first mistake they made? Jon Cryor winning best actor in a comedy series. He took the award over Louie C.K. and Larry David. Just let that process for a minute or two. We’re talking about the man who created and wrote ‘Seinfeld’ and he got beat by Duckie from ‘Pretty in Pink’.

The next mistake is a bit personal. The fact that Parks and Recreations has not won a single Emmy still baffles me. The entire cast is a force to be reckoned with and yet they get overshadowed by Modern Family every single year. Modern Family is hilarious, I will admit that but sometimes it just feels like the popular kids get everything and nerdy little NBC gets nothing.

Lastly, Kristen Wiig should have won supporting actress in a comedy series for her marvelous work on Saturday Night Live. Her not winning is reminiscent of Steve Carrell never winning an Emmy for his role as Michael Scott on ‘The Office’ (don’t get me started on that). She has been the single best female cast member and writer on SNL since Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. This past season was her last on the show and she deserved an award for her tremendous season.

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One response to “The Emmys Are Getting It Wrong

  1. Anna, I totally agree with you. After I just finished season 4 about a week ago, I am even more upset that Parks and Rec haven’t won any Emmys. Amy Poehler deserves something for her great work, but I also can’t dismiss the rest of the cast. Aubrey Plaza- you should have an Emmy and be my best friend.

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