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Foxing Quarterly

This past Friday I attended a party thrown in celebration of the new Foxing Quarterly journal. Their goal is to create a medium for local artists and writers. The journal will be published four times a year and will feature fiction and nonfiction writing, poetry, comics and more creative endeavors.

The party was Wes Anderson themed and attendants were asked to come dressed as an Anderson character. I went as my best version of Margot Tenenbaum, the depressed child of Royal Tenenbaum. There were also plenty of red beanies much like Bill murray’s ‘Steve Zissou’ from ‘The Life Aquatic’. People were asked to bring books to swap and the party also featured an early reading of books that inspired Anderson’s films.

Later in the night, the party featured local musicians including Roger Sellers, Maryann and the Revival Band, and Mary Bryce. People gathered around the music and took pictures with props provided by Foxing Quarterly.

Check out Foxing Quarterly’s website and learn more about their mission:
Foxing Quarterly


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