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About Me

My name is Anna; I hail from South Bend, IN but have spent the last 4 years in Austin, TX making it my home. This city is vibrant, unique and filled with so much to do and see and I want to make sure I see as much of it as I can. I am also fascinated with the constantly changing entertainment world and all it encases. Let’s be honest here, the celebrities of America are our version of royalty and we love watching them.

My blog will attempt to focus on the entertainment world and Austin events. I am an ever-changing and always moving person and I’m just here to share it with whoever will listen.

I grew up on artists like Steely Dan, Warren Zevon, and Stevie Ray Vaughan and that upbringing has made me an avid music fan. Being in Austin, the Live Music Capitol of the World has opened my ears to new sounds and musical experiences. I’m constantly listening and looking for new music and music events.

I also am constantly on the lookout for film events and premieres in the city. When a preview says, “In select theatres” I am so glad that Austin is one of those places. My favorite movies are ones that are real and relatable. I’m not too big on romantic comedies unless their journey is unexpected. I’m the one hoping the couple in the movie doesn’t make it to happily ever after.

I’ll keep you updated on the cheap events and on-goings of Austin that I’m excited for and I hope you will be too.


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